Presentation of
JEZEQUEL moving company

We owe our reputation to the quality of our service.

It is thanks to a wide range of quality services as well as a experienced team we are now essential for any relocation project in Brittany and in France.


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We place at your disposal:

  • a storage warehouse with individual boxes and furniture warehouse of 1200m2
  • vans and moving trucks padded (10, 25, 50 et 110 m3)
  • material handling, as well as supplies for storing and transporting your possessions
  • our team of movers available and effective


The head office and the local storage are located in Landivisiau, along expressway (RN 12).

Jézéquel company, since 1924

Jézequel father & son

The company Jézéquel is heir to a long family tradition. Indeed, Jézéquel family has no less than 3 generations of carriers which, since 1924, are transmitted know-how from father to son. It was in 1983 that Mr. Jézéquel (Paul-Roger), the company decided to specialize in the field of the move.

« I began to acquire a 6-ton truck I was driving myself and made myself help of an employee. The capacity of the truck was 40 m3. At the time the company was located in Saint Pol de Leon with furniture storage of 350 m2. »

« Family and human side, as well as concern for work well done is always been essential values in our business. » – P. R. Jézéquel

Move without problems with Jézéquel company - Phone : 0033.298.690.763