Moving Services « Economy »
A benefit to cost « eco. « For a service closer to your needs!

Our economy package - Moving England-France or France-England.

You pack all your items in cardboard box, and we organize your move. With this formula, most of our services are optional. This allows you to choose additional services you need.

Economy package

  • Including Move date at your convenience subject to availability of our teams
  • Not included Delay of 3 to 4 weeks given by the customer
  • Including Loading - Transport - delivery by our companions-movers in padded van on air cushion
  • Optional Provision of packaging for Relocation cartons, bags, tape etc.
  • Including Protection of the furniture in blankets, put under protective cover mattresses and box springs
  • Including Clothes closet layout Clothes boxes or cardboard wardrobes
  • Optional Packaging paintings and mirrors kraft bubble paper or paperboard
  • Optional Packing and unpacking fragile items crockery, glassware, trinkets, …
  • Optional Disassembly and reassembly of furniture
  • Not included Packing non-fragile items linge, livres, …
  • Optional Dropping out chandeliers and curtains

We make the protection of the furniture in blankets, bed bases and mattress in reinforced covers and television in padded case. Your clothes are put in wardrobe (clothes box or cardboard wardrobe). The transport is done by truck padded on air cushions.


Under this formula (Economy), you do:

  • The packing and unpacking all the boxes, as well as dismantling and reassembling furniture.

We also offer with this formula several complementary services (on request*):

  • Providing packaging for removals (moving boxes, covers, adhesive tape, etc.)
  • Packaging paintings and mirrors (kraft bubble paper or paperboard)
  • Packing and unpacking fragile items (tableware, glassware, ornaments, …)
  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture
  • Packing non-fragile items (linens, books, …)
  • Dropping out chandeliers and curtains

(* : extra)

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