International removal France / Europe
Espagne, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and other countries

Jézéquel removals makes your move from France to (or from) all the countries of Europe

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Moving truck France Europe

We perform your moves to all European countries by road, sea and air.

Contact us for any move from France to all European countries: Spain, Portugal, England (United Kingdom), Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, etc …

You are an individual, a company and you are planning to move? Looking for a reliable and professional service to ensure a worry-free move?

Our company Jézéquel Removals, located in the region of Brest in Brittany, assists you in your moves for almost 30 years.

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Price of a move France – Europe

How is our price list of services done?

Prices are fixed depending on the cubage , type of  service asked  and miles done for the removal.

Enjoy a stress –free relocation from your local moving company. All removals are unique and that is why we are so attached to details. Effectively, we ensure a first class move where every detail is managed.

All removals are unique and  that is the reason why we take all details into consideration to be able to fix you the best option at the best price.

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Moving at the best value for money, according to your budget: Comparative table of our relocation services


Practical information: Distance estimation (by road) for a removal of France (example: Paris) to (or from) the main European cities (capitals)
France Europe Pays Distance
Paris Londres Royaume-Uni 456 km
Paris Dublin Irlande 1027 km
Paris Bruxelles Belgique 307 km
Paris Amsterdam Pays-Bas 506 km
Paris Luxembourg Luxembourg 374 km
Paris Berlin Allemagne 1052 km
Paris Berne Suisse 590 km
Paris Vienne Autriche 1239 km
Paris Prague République tchèque 1035 km
Paris Rome Italie 1414 km
Paris Madrid Espagne 1270 km
Paris Lisbone Portugal 1739 km
(Distances for reference only)
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